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Every other month I get to attend the Ash Comic show in Indianapolis.  Whenever I first attended this show I would come home with a backpack full of comics.  Now I tend to come home with toys.  My focus has shifted.

This February show was no different.  I didn't come home with as much as normal but I came away with some great pieces.

I bought majority of my items at one booth.  The first item being the Captain America board game.  I'd been eyeballing this one online for awhile and couldn't pass up the possibility of buying one that I could verify was complete.  I thought I paid a great price considering Captain America and The Falcon has a lot of hype right now with The Winter Soldier being released.

I bought the Super Powers Green Arrow and Plasticman from the same dealer.  My wife and I have recently started the Arrow TV series so I thought it would be fitting to
add Green Arrow to my Super Powers collection. 

And who doesn't love Plasticman!

I also picked up a couple Star Wars toys.  The first being an original 1977 Star Wars Darth Vader.  It was a last minute purchase.  The other purchase, the Galoob Micromacine Tatooine, was purchased at a flea market that I stopped at on the way home... it was a good score.

All in all the show was a success.  The Ash show keeps growing with more and more toy vendors.  I'm already looking forward to the next one in May.  At least I have Indy Con, St.Louis Con, and the Chicago toy show to hold me off until then!
<![CDATA[Goodwill Gold - Super Powers Hall of Justice]]>Wed, 12 Feb 2014 22:24:27 GMThttp://thedustyshelf.weebly.com/collections/goodwill-gold-super-powers-hall-of-justicePicture
I'm not sure how many collectors follow Goodwill's auction website, ShopGoodwill.com.  But if you do, you've probably noticed the same things that I do.  EVERYTHING GOES WAY OVERPRICED and shipping is outrageous.  At least for my wallet they do. 

This time was different.  This time I was finally able to get an item that I'd wanted for awhile and I could afford. 

No, the picture to my left is not a photo of the Hall of Justice playset that I purchased.  It is a stock photo from toyworth.com.  My Hall of Justice did not come with the original box, does not have all the pieces, and is not in pristine condition like this one, but I wanted to show a good representation of what a complete HOJ looks like.   Mine is pictured below.

The exterior of mine is in very nice shape.  I love the bright crisp colors of the set.  Reminds me of classic superman - You know, whenever his suit was still just tight spandex. 

The interior of my Hall of Justice isn't that bad.  But as you can see below, I'm missing several of the key pieces.

I never had the Hall of Justice growing up.  It came a little early in the 80s for me.  But now I do... heck yeah!

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I'm not sure how it would have been possible to be a young boy in the late 80's/early 90's and not witness some form of Turtle-Mania.  As soon as Eastman and Laird signed the agreement with Playmates toys, every kid had to have their figure.  Personally I always enjoyed buying the supporting members of the cartoon.  I'm not sure how many Leonardos I really needed.

Unfortunately I was only able to maintain one figure from my childhood,
Sergeant Bananas.  I'm not sure how this became the only figure to be carried from household to household throughout several moves but somehow he survived.  Throughout the years I've been able to recoup some of the figures that I had plus more.  Here's a short pictorial of my collection.

Casey Jones and Fugitoid were always two of my favorite characters.  - "A José Canseco bat? Tell me you didn't pay money for this."

I didn't have a Krang android body when I was young but I jumped on the opportunity whenever I found this one!

I'm not sure why but a duck with a leather jacket and pistol is pretty awesome.
Two of my favorite things - Star Trek and Ninja Turtles.
The last collection I bought had been stored in some really cool TMNT cardboard boxes.  I'm not sure what to do with them yet, but at least one of them needs to go on display somehow.  Any ideas?